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Wavy Locs Kit

Wavy Locs Kit

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This combination is formulated to help your locs reach a mature look quicker. Be patient, and avoid oil based moisturizers while trying to encourage your locs to mesh.


Have you just started the loc'ing process? Often our clients can be anxious to have that mature look sooner rather than later. Especially for those with straight or wavy hair, and may have some slippage.


For this reason we created the Wavy Locs Kit. We've included a Sea Salt Spray with the Nappy Locs coconut oil based shampoo. The Sea Salt Spray is formulated with citrus and hyssop essential oil. The Nappy Locs Shampoo is clarifying, producing loads of lather and is great for oily and straight hair types. It also includes tea tree, peppermint, and grapefruit essential oils.

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