Professional Nappy Locs Tool Set

Professional Nappy Locs Tool Set

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Hand-wrought from sterling silver, the Professional Nappy Locs Tool Set comes with all 4 sizes at volume pricing and Free Shipping.

This set comes with all 4 sizes for professionals. Our original design was created to prevent snags and maintain strong and healthy locs. These are our professional weight Nappylocs Tools - smooth, thin and sterilizable. Use the Nappylocs tools to tighten your Nappylocs TM, braidlocs, sister/brother locs, coils, dreads- for all hair types! No moving parts to trap stray hairs, debris or bacteria. Patent Pending.

  • Micro - for those with 1/8 inch parts or 500 or more locs
  • Small - for those with 1/4 inch parts or 300-450 locs
  • Medium - for those with 1/3 inch parts or around 200 locs
  • Large - for those with 1/2 inch parts or 100 locs or so

*Other sizes special order. We offer micro to jumbo - part width in mm or inches. NO Locking instructions included! ( Complete hair locking instructions are in the Complete Kit.)Sizes are standard for small to medium hands. If you would like the micro tool in the thinner gauge, please make a note in your order.