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Business in a box! A brand new glossy paperback, all new 30 minute instructional DVD and an optional tool pack! We have overhauled the instructional material with more pictures, additional demonstrations and the same great hair care products.

This is the latest version packed with techniques to hair locking using a tool. No waxes, no gels and you can shampoo your hair from day one! You can lock alone or with a friend or two. Use this info to maintain existing locks such as those started with braids, twist, coils, back combing and free form. The Nappylocs system provides tried and true tips to repair uneven or slipped loops, open matted spaces, combining the two headed dragon, making one loc into two, and more. Great for all hair types from kinky to straight! This kit includes 1 book (with Nappylocs diary), 1 tool, your choice of shampoo, moisture spray, and hair oil, and the all new-free- 30 minute tip video.


There are three product options:

Baby Locs  Set - Baby Locs Shampoo, Dew, Herbal Growth

Soft Locs Set - Soft Locs Shampoo, Soft Locs Moisture Spray, Sunshine Oil

Men's Set - Man Shampoo, moisture spray and hair oil. Specially designed for men.


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When you select a tool size there is an option for a "Full Set". The Full Tool Set comes with 4 tools - one in each size at special discounted pricing.


This item is nonrefundable.