Curly Locs Kit

Curly Locs Kit

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Pamper your curls with this simple 3 step regimen for healthy hair/scalp care. Nothing but the best ingredients go into making our Baby Locs Shampoo, Dew, and Sunshine Oil.

So much is written on caring for your natural hair. Lets keep thing simple. You can be confident that the highest quality ingredients will create the gorgeous healthy hair you are working so hard to maintain.


  • Cleanse with Baby Locs shampoo, uniquely formulated to combat itchy scalp and aid hair growth.
  • Seal in moisture at the scalp and ends with the Sunshine Oil, naturally rich in antioxidants
  • Spray locks every three days or so with DEW to keep locs fresh and moisturized


Work your curls, we are sure they will love this kit!